Neil - Seagrass – Bridge + Root

Neil - Seagrass

Introducing the Neil in Seagrass Straw! The Neil is the same shape & fit as the Wayne, only in a lightweight & breathable straw silhouette!  The Neil features a folded and sewn brim edge that will keep its stiff and flat shape.  

Fit: This reverse dome oval crown, known to us as the "Wayne" crown, is great for egg and oblong head shapes. Depending on your head shape, the Neil generally runs large for most (similar to our Wayne). This woven straw is not as firm as our hard felt styles therefore runs slightly large. We recommend to size down if you are on the lower end of a measurement. While diameter is important, head shape plays an important role in fit and choosing the right crown style for your head shape. Remember we are all humans and head size or shape is not relative to gender or body size much to everyone's surprise!

Unisex // Fitted // Made in the USA // Vegan